The Eunuchs

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Dream images are the clearest, the purest … but also the hardest to predict or control.

The St Louis Police in Ferguson, NYPD in New York, police officers across the US “see” danger in black men, they are often genuinely afraid, they feel threatened and they respond with terminal force. Racial bias against black men is the norm in the US and probably here in the UK too. But it is not natural … it is half as common among African Americans as their Caucasian colleagues … it is cultural. And it can be changed.

Three brutalised eunuchs policing the streets on behalf of the ruling class, they do not betray; it is not their job to serve or protect the people who live in those streets.
They are almost blind but can see enough to discern the skin colour of the person in front of them.

They are both impotent and powerful, victims as much as victim­isers, kapos … machine-like as well as human, white, Hispanic and African American and yet all painted white.

In my dream they were utterly terri­fying and now they match the dream pretty well and yet they are ridiculous, strutting automatons. Well, I suppose they aren’t going to be beating me or anyone else.

And it’s not as though we (in the UK) have room to talk when you look at the figures.
Police routinely detain and search, and more and more, pepper spray and taser anyone who fails to comply, to offer complete deference … when did this become a crime?

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