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I’m not sure there’s any value in applying what I do to portraits but I’m trying it because I want to be able to have these creeps as actors in my scenarios.

Steve Bell’s bum or bollock-nosed S&M pig is somewhat overwhelming.
But maybe there is something in looking at them closely and being as objective as one can while taking the control of the image out of their hands …

But Neil Kinnock is right: Joseph Goebbels did believe that if you told a big enough lie and kept telling it, people would believe it. So in that way Osborne is a chip off the old block.
The economic problems we face are Labour’s fault, the recession is Europe’s and Labour’s fault, things are getting better, the deficit is our focus, borrowing is going down, austerity is working, we’re all in it together … aye aye aye … one could scream.

He might not be the brightest button in the basket but nobody’s that dim.
Maybe the whithering contempt is also just an act.
Perhaps little Gideon is as needy and eager to please his superiors as he always was.

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