Fuck Saatchi

society isn't working
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Whether it’s the LSE report on “Welfare” and people eating dog biscuits in one of the richest societies on earth or crap about jobs created, wealth creators, creative accounting, the need for austerity, the imminent danger of immig­ration, the war on terror … the robbing of the poor or disabled or sick to pay the rich in so many ways — robbing peter to pay paul with PFI and student loans, the privat­isation of … everything with no mandate or reason at all … I cannot cope with the fact that it’s all crap and it’s all any of them spout … it feels like the parasites have bought our fragile democracy and we must just line up to give blood, wallow in our two minutes hate and then remember that we’ve always been at war with … Feels like a Twilight Zone episode — waking up in a mad mad world.

In some ways, I just want it to all be over.

I know the poster really dates me … and that the busting is quick and crude, rough and ready … but what can you do?

And that is not a rhetorical question — what CAN we do?

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