Animal Farm

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I grew up in the “country”, Now I live in the country again, on a milk and beef farm. Want to know the weather? Look out of the window … oh, how true.

The majority of the population live in cities. Fair enough. They buy their “fresh” food, portioned and sealed under cello­phane. Fair enough.
But it doesn’t take much imagin­ation to picture how you can buy three whole chickens for £10.
Or how those cows get to lactate and then so gener­ously give us all their milk?
Concrete feed lots with steers up to their knees in their own shit, gorging on barley and soya beans.
And all the rest …
It’s not exactly rocket science.
Like smokers who are perfectly aware that it’s not good for them, we just don’t think about it.
And of course that includes cheese-eating veget­arians.

Father Christmas and tooth fairies never hurt anyone but the senti­mental childhood fantasies about jolly farm animals (they spaced on diazepam or what?) are like an inocu­lation against the truth and a licence for horror.
And I eat meat …

.. and just read George Monbiot on farming fairytales.

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