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Getting back to our road trip — we really needed a bank on our first morning on Orkney. So we braved rush hour in downtown Stromness only to find that the bank was open just two mornings a week and not on a Tuesday … fair enough.

skaill beach
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The beautiful Bay of Skaill where the settlement of Skara Brae was built 5000 years ago.

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An incredible warren built in to the dunes above the beach, which was an enclosed lagoon at the time.

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We’d never thought we’d ever get to see it. And you know how some things can’t possibly live up to expect­a­tions? It did.

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The incredible thing is that there are similar settle­ments all over the place here, minus the famous dressers, but they are so much more modest and 3000 years younger … perhaps a bit slow to catch on, the Cornish.

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