I went down to the woods today

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Our temperate rainforest absolutely has the wooliest trees in The West.

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If it moves slower than a fox, within days anything will be smothered with moss and lichen.

damsel male
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A beautiful male Beautiful Demoiselle, Calop­teryx virgo, was out a-courting …

damsel female
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an equally beautiful female damsel.
And I don’t have a telephoto or macro lens — they were so preoc­cupied and so much at home, I was able to get that close, within a couple of inches. A privilege and a delight.

4 thoughts on “I went down to the woods today”

    1. Silage bleeding black vomit, super slow broadband, brexit fantasists selling us all down the river notwith­standing, we live somewhere safe and quiet, lovely and soft, gentle and embracing … swings and round­abouts …

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