And this week’s high point is …

high point
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Carn Galva. A short sharp shock of a climb from Counting House … but a cracking view — a good 330 degrees of shining sea — we are an island 🙂

cornish giant
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A bona fide Cornish Giant building a new Carn …

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Serra, Andre, Sol Lewitt, Morris, Judd stylee.

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We does middle brow too (:-)) — we so lucky, we lives in Poldark Cuntry … summer, autumn, winter … hmmm … and this helps the local community how, exactly? Fuck you, BBC, etc. 😉

Aaah but then, when it’s good …

river 1
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A very low point for lunch yesterday, just above the confluence of the Tresillian River and the Truro.

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Very Huckle­berry Finn I suppose.

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