Below Sea Level

Having had enough of heights for a bit, we hit the beach at Loe Bar, which creates The Loe, the largest natural fresh­water lake in Cornwall, on the Penrose Estate below Helston. Tennyson has Bedivere chucking Excaliber in the Loe, as though he hadn’t been warned about the limit­a­tions of the plumbing.

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I tried in vain to identify this amazingly purple fungus online but was entranced by the variety and beauty of some of the 15000 types of wild fungi we have in this country.

A bank above the beach is covered in these amazing Chilean brome­liads, Fascicu­laria, which are just colouring up. I do love being married to a horti­cul­turist.

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The sea had calmed down enough to get near. You don’t swim here at all. There’s a deep drop off and vicious currents. The thundering surf does make you feel very small and fragile.

wave 1
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I saw this big fella coming and just had to get a shot … I wasn’t afraid, there was plenty of room … and he broke and then charged up the beach … and I realised I’d misjudged … and I ran … too late and not fast enough …

wave 2
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Bastard just kept coming, up round my knees, right up to my bum … bugger. Amazing I stayed on my feet at all. The weight of it.
And I had to walk all the way back to the car and then sit steaming, itching and shivering all the way home, like a sheepish ten year old. Hey ho.
And I don’t think the picture was worth it either.
Treach­erous beach? No shit.

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