Life and Death

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At my age I have billions more new cells and trillions of times more new molecules than I had in my body when I was born. My body now has day-old cells, year-old cells, and only a relat­ively small proportion of decades-old cells (found in parts of my brain). Most of my body is much younger than the day I was born. And yet …

The only cells that are immortal are cancer cells … so I’m not into that. Decay and rot and sapro­phytic life is …

But … the valley below here feels as though it is drowning in, choking on, being smothered, by life. Everything is eating everything else, the atoms go round … and round … and round … Saṃsāra.

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But … we are discrete … gross … quantum shit dissolves in the real world … Tarantino stylee … and we die and rejoin the flow of … stuff.
Ho hum.

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