Round The Cape

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Yo. Nice horns. Nice cow. Be nice. God, they’re beautiful. Long way from but very much at home.

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Looking back at Cape Cornwall from the “wrong” side, for us, for some reason. We hardly ever seem to be heading south from here. Not so high this week.

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Ballowall Barrow, Krug Karrekloos, is a vast chambered burial mound, like a giant womb, begun in the Neolithic and reused and adapted and reused as funeral fashions changed until the bronze age. At 22 metres across, it’s certainly impressive but hard to grasp as it was turned into an antiquarian theme park attraction by William Copeland Borlase in the late 19th Century. A magni­ficent and weird setting on the cliff top, right in the middle of an, equally inter­esting, indus­trial wasteland, it was originally excavated from under a mining spoil heap.

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The Sword of Damocles over the entrance to a cave on the cliff path makes for a sort of vagina dentata, or dente to be more precise I suppose.

lands end
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Lands End and Longships Light­house. Which we were unfor­tunate enough to discover flashes red to anyone between it and the Cape, after dark. Makes sense. Just wished I’d timed the walk better. Ho hum.

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