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dry heads
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This week I ‘ave mostly been playin’ with my toy camera.

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Having been amazed by how well a low end digital camera can perform I went all perverse and acquired a plastic pancake lens for it, a Loreo lens-in-a-cap from Hong Kong, and turned it into a toy.

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So just a bit of an image dump to clear my head before getting back to work.

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N says it’s just decadent and she’s right but we had polenta last night and peasants in northern Italy used to die of malnu­trition eating that stuff in winters gone by.
Decadence is every­where …
I have no hipstery interest in any sort of self-righteous, grand-standing faux-authen­ticity it’s just good to get away from the tyranny of ever-receding techno targets.
Everything can be better … at a price.

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And there’s always someone richer, younger and prettier having more fun than me.
Ho hum … it was fun.

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