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n mohican
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The Last of the Mohicans.

I’m in lurve … with a camera … sheesh. That is soooooooooo sad.

And it’s Fox Talbot’s 217th birthday too … ta da! And he was a very contemporary knob too, oh well — bastard child of Paul McCartney and Adobe Systems. A few weeks ago we went out with an old Zeiss Ikon Nettar (a gift from my mother-in-law with film courtesy of my mother — ah, more inter-generational slippage) to see how well it worked … if it worked at all …

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And then sent the films off and waited and waited and waited … like in the olden days …

And after an eternity, they came back; beautiful silvery things that they are.
These are pretty rudimentary scans but …
Now I might just dig out that enlarger that lurks somewhere beyond the event horizon of our garage.
I need to guess better at focusing, need to increase the exposure and need to frame tighter but OMG, they’re lovely.

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Slow food, vinyl and now this … be riding around on a steel fixie next, getting tattoos and doing some authentic artisanal disrupting clone shit. Errr, no.
Fair enough, so what the fuck is it?
They have a strangely hypnotic quality — I, at least, can look at them for so long, exploring in a way that I don’t do on screen.
The frame, and perhaps the square format, makes you feel like you’re looking through a portal into … somewhere else. Not AT something and not the past but some other dimension.
Technically, there’s no visible grain, absolutely continuous tones that make them look almost liquid and a pretty shallow depth of field that seems closer to our roving attention.

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Well, anticipation helps and weirdly — not being able to choose, edit or alter them perhaps makes you make different choices when you take them. Certainly the little time in setting the camera up before each shot helps you to focus too.
The square frame, so different from wide screen, the black and white, so different from super saturated digital, both obviously set them apart from the everyday but it almost feels as though I didn’t take them … strange.

So much more to explore.
When the bloody rain stops.

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