Up country and down the Roseland peninsula to the other, the posh soft, St Just for lunch in the sub-tropical church yard and then a tranquil, soothing wander round to Messack Point and back.

Origami unfolding.

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Dragons tiptoeing into the stream.

dragon paddle
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Penny pies in a shambling Cornish hedge.

hedge pies
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What you lookin’ at? Come on then … think yerr ‘ard enough? A sort of Waitrose Rack of Lamb farm full of beauti­fully cared-for sheep, all with shaved arses like a maternity ward.

mother and child
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And finally to Messack Point itself looking across the Carrick Roads to Falmouth harbour.

fal trees
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With its own spontaneous, emergent art install­ation.

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And then back through the woods along the Fal.

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And a spectac­u­larly crippled oak, broken-backed but still immensely powerful … posit­ively majestic.

broke back oak
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The weather was sublime and I totally failed to catch the little pod of dolphins we saw, porpoising upstream on camera … bugger … ho hum.

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