The Night Watch

The Night Watch
The Night Watch

Narrative painting is anathema to me. Absolutely. Totally. The curse of English Art as Francis Bacon believed. He never painted a narrative painting in his life. Bollocks. All of it.
Literary painting, yes. Illustrating limp tales of limp knights and soft porn nymphs and moist snaggle-haired witches on damp nights. Yep.

Great Art is great because it is universal, self-contained, self-sufficient … sounds like self-abuse to me.

But I never thought I would make an image that was set somewhere, never mind one that took in time.
Cave paintings, royal hunts, bible stories, Buddhist monks, manga, rebellious Gauls … OK, fair enough — it’s all been there all along.

But these people seem to have taken charge, writing and directing, choreographing, improvising, playing games. My job is to just record. OK, fair enough.

Perhaps Corona dreams are a thing after all.

Added to my Sketches page.

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You’re right — the artist always is — yes, run with it — free-flow. It’s making a rather magnificent story — like wall-paintings in a medieval church or a Van Eyck altarpiece.

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