The Joy of Getting Lost


Continual reference to your properly set compass will accurately guide you to your goal.” The man said.

Oh, if only.

There are times when sharpening pencils is not just therapeutic but genuinely useful.

The piece I’m working on is just not being cooperative … and I’ve banged my head against the wall for long enough.
The horse is totally flogged and still not showing signs of life. That is a gruesome phrase.
Time to come at him sideways. Sidle up and smile.
The work, the horse, the confidence … someone’s going to end up with their head bashed in …

So I have a new theme for my blog and I’ve added a few useful comments about what I do. Here.
And I revisited something I first drew 5 years ago. My Patent Aesthetic Synthesising Compass.
Invented so I wouldn’t get lost.


Hmmm … as anyone who has ever suffered from my map reading will tell you: staying on course has never been my strong point.

So I was right, am right, on track.
And getting lost makes me sick.

Well it is renewed and the redrawing has reorientated me … a bit.

We shall see.

Back to work.

By ‘eck … that helps: GoGo Penguin.