Trebarwith Strand

The forecast was wonderful and yet … once on the road … oh the wind and the rain. Aye aye aye.

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So, after lunch, we just kept going, chasing the fleeting gleams of sun and blue sky.

gull rock
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The lovely day eluded for an age and miles and miles … but we were exploring by now … there’s something almost maniacally addictive about un-mapped cruising, choosing the smallest road, the steepest hill, the darkest vale … the un-signed fork in the road. And so we “discovered” Trebarwith Strand and Gull Rock. Another hidden gem … honestly. Well, it was new to us … and early in the season — wonder­fully quiet.

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The great thing about Cornwall is that you can never really get lost. You can get quite anxious, feel as though you’re in the middle of nowhere and then you see the sea. Facing North; turn left — south; turn right … sorted. There’s only a couple of places you really wouldn’t want to run out of fuel. I would never say where. But … they WILL eat you. Seriously.

We declined even to dip our toes in the water and, as the tide was high and rising, we scaled and clambered around the shattered rocks and cliffs.

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And then, when the sun did finally come out … OMG … the light was beautiful.

sun and sea
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