Gaza Sphinx
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Because the premise is a lie … was always. Because family feuds are worse, civil wars not and because antisemitism is not exclusive when it comes to who the semites are … because Trump is, Netanyahu is … not …

And so people die. And live without hope … and now less … if that’s possible.

And not to aesthetisise anyone else’s pain, and not to ignore the ancient greek’s misogyny … why is this shit still going on … I’m not naive, just sad and angry.

Back Online!



After much confusion and frustration and fiddling and What The Fucking and hard boring work, my home/portfolio is back on-line.

Soon I will have what was my “Art Vault” back too.

Little black holes are hard to explain to NT’s but are just one of those things we have to live with.

Ain’t gonna win any awards for anything but it feels good and looks good — enjoy: NEW HOME

Sheesh … quelle day: can sleep the sleep of the righteous tonight.