Lo Fi

dry heads
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This week I ‘ave mostly been playin’ with my toy camera.

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Having been amazed by how well a low end digital camera can perform I went all perverse and acquired a plastic pancake lens for it, a Loreo lens-in-a-cap from Hong Kong, and turned it into a toy.

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So just a bit of an image dump to clear my head before getting back to work.

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N says it’s just decadent and she’s right but we had polenta last night and peasants in northern Italy used to die of malnu­trition eating that stuff in winters gone by.
Decadence is every­where …
I have no hipstery interest in any sort of self-righteous, grand-standing faux-authen­ticity it’s just good to get away from the tyranny of ever-receding techno targets.
Everything can be better … at a price.

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And there’s always someone richer, younger and prettier having more fun than me.
Ho hum … it was fun.

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Thinking by doing

Bit of an image dump again today … in the best sense. Clearing out things that aren’t moving things forward sort of thing.

From the most power­fully muscular …

hairy legs
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… to the most delic­ately fragile …

lichen hair
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Everything is in some sort of symbiosis, mutually dependent if you like, caught, or cradled, in Indra’s net.

water 2
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Formless but bloody forceful when you step into the stream …

water 1
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… and deeper than it looks.

h ram
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The valleys here are full of abandoned hydraulic rams which used to pump water up to the houses using nothing more than the pressure behind it’s flow and were built like … well … brick shit houses. I know there’s a lot to be said for clean water an’ all (not that that’s something we can take for granted unfor­tu­nately) but we almost seem to be in danger of forgetting how to walk.

Just wondering …

big cheese
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… about the amount of inform­ation that’s hiding inside a digital image file.
Why is the lumin­osity and three dimen­sion­ality of film even possible to approach with a low end digital camera? And why do we accept such dreary results most of the time?

mick mount
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As you might have noticed, I was finding it hard to concen­trate this afternoon.

My photos never look like the beautiful silky things I see online or in books and magazines. They’re always a bit hard and grimy.
So the additional graininess doesn’t worry me.
But Jeez … looking up how much serious B&W printers, and their inks, cost is chastening.

Make Haylage , etc.

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Can hardly hear myself think … sounds, and smells, like a bloody airport … as they work their way relent­lessly across almost every field around this side of the valley.

They got five cuts in last year which must have had a huge impact on their feed bill … add in the home grown maize and barley and that’s a lot less soya beans per burger. And to think we grow up thinking cows eat grass.


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Four hours travelling isn’t unusual and getting up at ten to five is a hell of a lot easier at this time of the year but still … oh well, peeps have to go where the jobs are.

Pretty it ain’t but it’s cheap and functional and indis­pensable. And millions just like it cry out in the dark every­where.

I was wondering just how mundane can the subject be, how plain the execution, before …