What dread hand?

… what dread feet?

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To paraphrase Nina Simone:
These are illustrations
But the story hasn’t been written for them, yet.

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A story Alan Garner might weave, if he were from Penwith, from the mineral threads and seams that are twisted into the sinews and honeycomb the bones of this place.

maiden gate
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Dancing to a panpsychic pagan pulse that thrums in the earth and in the guts of the people who live here.

Our Blue Peninsula

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Can’t think clearly enough to say much but wanted to get these images up anyway.

gull rock
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It’s becoming a bit of a Hokusai 36 views thing …

big bridge
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or Turner’s Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England …

church moon
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or Ruscha’s gasoline stations …

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or something. Transforming the modest and mundane into something monumental and grand …

cot valley
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even … making strange.