Slight Digression

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“Quelle day!”

They are few and far between: the days when it flows, when the voices which belittle, humiliate, delegitimate, fall quiet, when vision is matched with skill, when things just work – like you hoped, dreamed. The task is simple, quiet, honest and the doing of it is almost a ritual, a duty, a joy. It is not less hard, it still hurts, of course it still requires the same focus and attention to detail, it still wipes you out at the end of the day but it doesn’t bring on the Fear, doesn’t let in the crippling doubt and the shame … and it shuts them up. They can fuck off. The “voices”. They were always wrong. Are wrong. And don’t matter. They have no power, whatever they believe.

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So, they are little things … but they are true … that is what I wanted to say and I have said it as clearly as I could. Sometimes it is alright to sing … if only to yourself.

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Skipping ahead a little … to my next project … but proof of concept and a way to deal with a gloomy, fog-shrouded Monday an’ all.
Yep. That will do.

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