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Hunt was out this morning.

Foxes are farmers’ friends, keeping the rodent popula­tions down … but farmers don’t want to be friends … and in fact I recently read that hunting foxes benefits the fox population — weeding out the weak and old and encour­aging younger fitter foxes to move in … and a pack of hounds is the least of their worries — their lives are hard, brutish and short …

But some people can just fuck with the law and as N says: what does it tell us about them that they get their jollies from watching a living animal getting ripped apart?

Ma petite boîte des Refusés

call to prayer
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Exper­i­ments …
(an Israeli Apache hunting over the Great Omari Mosque in Gaza)

camo robe
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and failures …
(trying to say something about our misun­der­standings about domestic violence and war)

fire below
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pretty pictures …
(or our fascin­ation with an outdated comic book imagery of war)

remote controlled gun tower
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and more exper­i­ments …
(That veer too far from the nightmare of trying to farm in Gaza under the trigger-happy electronic eyes of remote-controlled gun towers)

predator boy toy
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that don’t quite pull it off …
(because the irony of soldiers playing with toys and Killing people is just too grim to laugh at)

hawk drone
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Or are too quiet …
(and almost seem to accept the purposeful beauty of the archi­tecture of death)

sniper in Ferguson
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or just too literal to make it …

into my portfolio (at the moment at least) … and yet … they’re pretty good.


jimmy and charles
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Both resplendent in their chocolate-money medals, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles indulge in mutual preening … and the body language …

It is indecent, and so unfair, of course, to remember or to remind …

They stand in the piazza outside Piero’s Flagel­lation of Christ and “unnoticed” in the background, over Jimmy’s shoulder …