No More Heroes

Anymore …

Whatever happened to all of our heroes … ?

All our Shakespearoes?

Buggered if I know.

We required them to be too pure perhaps, we grew up a bit too much perhaps … but then, perhaps, wisdom is not all it’s cracked up to be?

My tribe tell me that it matters who the the next “leader” is, Prime Minister is — this sclerotic absurd farce of an election for a tory leader … Rory’s our sort of toff shit.

I’m sorry. Seriously. Like I should give a shit?

I know I risk sounding like an old fart who doesn’t appre­ciate contem­porary pop music or something, and I don’t much it’s true, but … seriously …

Nye Bevan

These people built our world.

Problematic … well, derr … but they had vision … and they got shit done.

Compromised and very not PC and not terribly pro Europe either for that matter  but practical and focussed and hard-working and brave and unima­ginably strong … heroes basically

… sorry.

Oh fuck …

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I feel sick.
All the stuff about Labour failing to capture hearts and souls, never mind minds, about demographic shifts, about funda­mental changes in the real world which haven’t even registered in the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Westminster, is all very well …

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Paul Mason at Channel 4 or John Harris in Prospect

… but 37% of voters chose the c.… whatever.

People are not stupid … this is what they want … this is their choice … this is not about a crap system, a corrupt elite … people are just mean.

Tomorrow belongs to us …

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… not you.

Us as in us the voters? Us as in them? You as in us? Do media magnates get to choose? Do we ask Siri before we fucking vote?

I must have been traumatised by that scene from Cabaret … it’s a bit of a motif.

UKIP, Conser­vative, Lib Dem, Labour … is Natalie Bennett on “immig­ration” the only one who will speak up against all that “Immig­ration Controls” euphemistic shit? Is George Monbiot on election issues the only one who will call a spade a spade and not a ni… whatever?
Has the world actually gone completely mad?

I’m haunted by, no, terrified by the thought that we’re sleep-walking into our worst nightmare … well, MY worst nightmare.

House of Cards

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Cheap credit helps us to unsee the decline of the West … capit­alism can not deliver the goods with pirates scraping off whatever cream there is.
Stuff is about lifestyle and not life … it might as well be Soma.
Low productivity and limited resources, envir­on­mental degrad­ation and an economy built on a shed load of low paid service jobs and a few high paid “wealth-creators” is a choice we make … in a few weeks time for fuck’s sake … but immig­rants are what matter, unless of course they’re drowning because of our “human­it­arian” wars and penny pinching nastiness, in which case they don’t. Prudence is what matters unless we’re handing over the state to asset-stripping gougers who will just make us pay and pay and will treat their employees as zombie zero-hours-wage slaves. The deficit is what matters unless it’s just a fucking pretext for robbing and disem­powering us and enriching more parasites. And anyway, if I owned a house, I’d be rich … so I’m all right. Except I’m not …
and the things that we could be doing to make the world a better place, a fairer place, a kinder place, a warmer place, a more beautiful place are just too expensive — we cannot subsidise our souls but we can “invest” in our dividends. We must not be seduced by wishful thinking, we must reclaim the sensible middle ground … that is fast disap­pearing and is mean and narrow and selfish and hard … and full of fear too.

Fuck, I (almost) give up …
But not quite.

And Mr Warhol is not feeling the pressure I fear — but I try.

Fuck Saatchi

society isn't working
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Whether it’s the LSE report on “Welfare” and people eating dog biscuits in one of the richest societies on earth or crap about jobs created, wealth creators, creative accounting, the need for austerity, the imminent danger of immig­ration, the war on terror … the robbing of the poor or disabled or sick to pay the rich in so many ways — robbing peter to pay paul with PFI and student loans, the privat­isation of … everything with no mandate or reason at all … I cannot cope with the fact that it’s all crap and it’s all any of them spout … it feels like the parasites have bought our fragile democracy and we must just line up to give blood, wallow in our two minutes hate and then remember that we’ve always been at war with … Feels like a Twilight Zone episode — waking up in a mad mad world.

In some ways, I just want it to all be over.

I know the poster really dates me … and that the busting is quick and crude, rough and ready … but what can you do?

And that is not a rhetorical question — what CAN we do?