hms bulwark
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HMS Bulwark lives up to her name and turns her back on migrants dying in the Mediter­ranean … after all it was only a temporary assignment … until the public outcry had evaporated.
After all the ship was built to put marines ashore to kill people we don’t like. That’s what they do. Though like a school art show or poor inner city kids dancing at a civic opening it looks good plucking desperate people from the sea.
And the weird thing of living somewhere other than London, is that we know people serving on Bulwark and Ocean — they’re not just blocks on a map.

Mare Nostrum

medusa hand
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Just added this to my Portfolio.
Been strug­gling with this image for a while. Wanted to use Géricault’s Raft of The Medusa because of its artic­u­lation of, and call to, public outrage, which seems horribly absent nearly 200 years later.

It strikes me that The Mediter­ranean is what binds us in Europe to Africa rather than a moat dividing us.
To turn our backs on fellow people in ultimate need is to turn our backs on our humanity.

I originally had an image from a dream — a hazy mist, a milky, flat sea with tiny reaching hands breaking the oily surface like a matt of seeweed, bobbing rather than waving.
It was too dead, too final.
Just the one strong hand, of one of Géricault’s survivors, still striving, reaching for the horizon and dawn’s rescue was much more powerful and direct.