Gaza Sphinx
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Because the premise is a lie … was always. Because family feuds are worse, civil wars not and because antisemitism is not exclusive when it comes to who the semites are … because Trump is, Netanyahu is … not …

And so people die. And live without hope … and now less … if that’s possible.

And not to aesthetisise anyone else’s pain, and not to ignore the ancient greek’s misogyny … why is this shit still going on … I’m not naive, just sad and angry.


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Being listened to that intently can sometimes be a little unnerving.

Oh fuck …

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I feel sick.
All the stuff about Labour failing to capture hearts and souls, never mind minds, about demographic shifts, about fundamental changes in the real world which haven’t even registered in the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Westminster, is all very well …

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Paul Mason at Channel 4 or John Harris in Prospect

… but 37% of voters chose the c.… whatever.

People are not stupid … this is what they want … this is their choice … this is not about a crap system, a corrupt elite … people are just mean.

Tomorrow belongs to me

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Hmmm …

… well, to me and my friends.


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I’m not sure there’s any value in applying what I do to portraits but I’m trying it because I want to be able to have these creeps as actors in my scenarios.

Steve Bell’s bum or bollock-nosed S&M pig is somewhat overwhelming.
But maybe there is something in looking at them closely and being as objective as one can while taking the control of the image out of their hands …

But Neil Kinnock is right: Joseph Goebbels did believe that if you told a big enough lie and kept telling it, people would believe it. So in that way Osborne is a chip off the old block.
The economic problems we face are Labour’s fault, the recession is Europe’s and Labour’s fault, things are getting better, the deficit is our focus, borrowing is going down, austerity is working, we’re all in it together … aye aye aye … one could scream.

He might not be the brightest button in the basket but nobody’s that dim.
Maybe the whithering contempt is also just an act.
Perhaps little Gideon is as needy and eager to please his superiors as he always was.

Der Golem again

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Not sure if I needed to contextualise the image more or distance myself ever so slightly (which is a bit whimpy) but it works. So it’s part of my portfolio now.

The Godfather

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Benjamin Netanyahu. Threatening … thug, gangster, player.


jimmy and charles
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Both resplendent in their chocolate-money medals, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles indulge in mutual preening … and the body language …

It is indecent, and so unfair, of course, to remember or to remind …

They stand in the piazza outside Piero’s Flagellation of Christ and “unnoticed” in the background, over Jimmy’s shoulder …