Can’t imagine you’ve stumbled on this site by accident but if you have I’ll just quickly say that I’m an artist who used to describe himself as a sculptor, then as a painter and now works exclusively digitally.

This used to be my portfolio but I thought I needed to address these new drawings separately from the rest of my work so I’ve temporarily abandoned any attempt at a curated archive (which was in a permanent state of unfinished undress for ever anyway) and thought that some notes as I go might be more use. Thinking aloud.

I will try to find the time to put my other recent work up in an archive but just at the moment I’m consumed by this project.

I need a studio diary to help make sense of what’s happening at the moment and I didn’t have the space in my head to adapt this site to accomodate one without temporarily sidestepping my “showreel”.
These images are going up pretty much as I finish them which, though not exactly random, doesn’t represent the sequence I think I’m planning. That’ll have to wait until this series is finished. So the notes will often refer more to what I’m thinking at the time rather than the images they accompany.

The reverse chronology of a blog format is not ideal but it’ll have to do, I’m afraid. Ho hum …